DIY Pet Coat Pattern – Sewing it Together!

DIY Pet Coat Pattern – Sewing it Together!

This is part 2 of our coat tutorial.  To get your pattern pieces, visit our first tutorial on making the pattern here.
Since we are recycling junkies, we decided to make this coat from an old wool shirt.  And since the old wool shirt had pockets and a collar, we decided to incorporate those items (because how could we not?).  It’s SEW easy!  Of course this coat can be made without a pocket or collar and still be cute (just skip those steps if not using extra items).
First things first: cut out all your pattern pieces.
If you are using the shirt pockets and collar, keep following along.  If not, just skip the next two illustrations.
Now, anything you might add to the outside of the coat needs to be sewn on FIRST (i.e. pocket and collar).
If you are skipping pocket and collar, continue on here!
You are now ready to start sewing entire coat together!
Almost done!!!
How about adding some buttons from that shirt?
He’s workin’ that new coat.
Now flip that collar up and prepare to look bad@$$.

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