Amazing household uses for hydrogen peroxide

  • Whiten teeth ~ Make a paste with baking soda and peroxide!
  • Sanitize your toothbrush ~ Soak your toothbrush in peroxide between brushing!
  • Mouth wash ~ Use equal parts water and peroxide as a great antibacterial rinse!
  • Kitchen sanitizer ~ Sanitize your counter tops and cutting board with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Pan Scrub ~ Remove baked on food from pans with a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide!
  • Sponge sanitizer ~ Soak sponges in equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria!
  • Toilet bowl scrub ~ Let 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide sit in your toilet bowl for 30 minutes before scrubbing!
  • Floor brightener ~ Add 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon of water to brighten dull floors!
  • Plant fungicide ~ Keep fungus away from your plants by adding a little Hydrogen Peroxide to your plant water spritzer!
  • Keep salad green ~ Mix 1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, spray on greens and refrigerate!
  • Clear up acne ~ Blot a little Hydrogen Peroxide on problem areas to help clear it up!
  • Sanitize Shower ~ Spray shower and curtain with Hydrogen Peroxide to kill bacteria!
  • Musty towels ~ Soak towels in 1/2 cup peroxide and 1/2 cup vinegar for 15 minutes before you wash!
  • Remove blood from fabric ~ Dab a little peroxide on the blood stain!

* Be sure to test your fabric before using hydrogen peroxide to clean it.Image


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